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Novello Giles Swayne - Four Christmas Carols Op...
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DescriptionFour Christmas carols that capture the distinctive, contradictory and unmistakable choral style of Giles Swayne.Always plain-speaking, challenging, intense and emotionally honest, Swaynes music also brims with wit, melody and a sly playfulness that is both captivating and addictive. The Four Christmas Carols were written over several years. The first three are for unison voices with Piano, and can be performed by the whole assembly. The fourth requires a larger SATB chorus, and is a larger, expressive and impressive setting of The Coventry Carol.This set of carols has it all - from grand unison melodies, familiar tunes and rousing choruses to more poignant, challenging and unusual passages. It represents a hugely satisfying and entertaining addition to any festive performance or carol concert.SonglistJoseph´s CarolStarlightThe Coventry CarolThe Two Nowells

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