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Sly & The Family Stone - Dance To The Music - H...
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Als der unwiderstehliche Klang von ´Dance To The Music´ den Anfang 1968 war es offensichtlich, dass Sly Stone´s ´ganz neue Ding´ war dabei, alle in den Wahnsinn zu treiben. Diese Live-Drahtgrafik smash nutzte die bewährte ´introduce the band´-Technik zur Präsentation Trompeterin Cynthia Robinson, Slys Bruder/Gitarrist Freddie Stone, Saxophonist Jerry Martini, Slys Schwester/Pianistin Rosie Stone, Bassist Larry Graham und Schlagzeuger Greg Errico - alles aus verschiedenen Kulturkreisen. Hintergründe. Dieser radikale neue Sound hätte einen weitreichenden Effekt. musikalische Implikationen - das zweite Album von Sly & The Family Stone ist voller Grooves und Beats, genauso berauschend wie ´Dance To The Music´. mit süchtig machenden Schwergewichtsnummern wie ´Higher´ und ´Ride The Rhythmus´-Tunes reif für Cynthias Warnung: ´All the squares go nach Hause!´

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Cat vs. Human 2019 Square Wall Calendar
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Cartoonist Yasmine Surovec hilariously captures all the moods, mirth, and madness of living with a cat (or two, or three, or four) in her perennially popular Cat vs. Human comic. Cute or crafty? Sweet or sly? Cuddly or cold? Cat people everywhere know the answer to these questions about their beloved pets is ´´all the above.´´ Featuring the best strips and truest observations about cat-human relationships, the all-new CAT vs. HUMAN 2019 Wall CalendarâEUR´ ponders the timeless questions about what our furry companions could possibly be thinking and why we can´t resist our unfathomable feline friends.

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Around Harvard Square , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 53...
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Tosh Livingston, superstar student-athlete from small-town USA, thinks he´s made it big as a rising freshman at Harvard University. Not so fast! Once on campus, he´s ensnared in a frenzied competition to win a spot on Harvard´s legendary humor magazine, the Harpoon. Tosh soon finds that joining the Harpoon is a weird and surprisingly dangerous pursuit. He faces off against a secret society of super-rich kids, gets schooled by a philosophy professor who loves flunking everyone, and teams up with a genius student-cartoonist with an agenda of her own. Along the way, Tosh and his band of misfit freshman friends unearth long-buried mysteries about the Ivy League that will rock the Ivory Tower and change their lives forever...if they can survive the semester. With its whip-smart humor and fast-paced narrative, Around Harvard Square will appeal to listeners of all ages interested in exploring the complicated roles that race and class play in higher education. ´´In his new novel, Around Harvard Square, Farley writes about a scandal strikingly similar to how Singer helped parents and coaches allegedly exploit athletic programs of schools like Yale, Georgetown, and USC.´´ (Fox 5 (New York)) ´´In this throwback coming-of-age novel, an ensemble of freshmen on the margins struggle for self-definition amid the race and class complexities of Harvard.... Through the whirlwind of their journey, they begin to question the purpose of jokes and the consequences of laughter - when it´s not just about the joke, but also about who´s making it and why (a significant, timely exploration as comedy culture today struggles to demarcate ethical boundaries).... The diverse ensemble of core characters defy and refuse reductive stereotypes.... For those who would like to take a trip through the hallowed Harvard halls of the past, this goes out to you....´´ (Kirkus Reviews) ´´Wry, sly, and ferociously funny, Around Harvard Sq 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kevin Free. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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