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Stephanie's Initiation: My First Anal Sex and B...
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Stephanie isn't just a good girl - she's downright prudish. She'd spent her life hiding her killer body behind unflattering clothes and spending more time with books than with men. But when she finds a job at a strange and fantastical bookstore, she soon gets a very different kind of education than she's used to. In a secret room in the back of the store, she discovers a world of erotica that opens up her imagination to a world of backdoor fantasies and loss of sexual control! It's in this room that she meets James, a sly and sexy dom who promises to show her that dignity is no match for her body's darkest desires! Warning: If you're not 18 or older, please don't download this audiobook. In addition, there is content such as first time anal sex, public sex, submission and domination, bondage, BDSM, group sex, and more. If you find that offensive, don't listen to this story. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sophia Chambers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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