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Schott Guillou Jean - Sinfonietta Op. 4 - Organ
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Instrument : organNombre de Pages : 31As its title indcates, this is a miniature symphony, its structure compacted as much as possible. The classical form is respected, dwon to the smallest details, so that the various development sections lead to a recapitulation of the two themes and to a more asservative conclusion. Throughout the work the style is extremely sparse and straightforward. The nostalgia expressed by the theme of the second movement leads us towards effects of perspective that modify the light thrown on the melody, at first distand and soon more insistent, more dominant, before dying away in the gentle mist.The third movement is somewhat facetious and sly. Despite its brilliantly luminous progress, the ending is nostalgic, whimsical and, once more, humorous.

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