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Goat Diary
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This is the tale of a retired couple in their seventies who, without the slightest knowledge or experience, decided to become Texas goat ranchers. How hard could it be? Texas Hill Country folks are often ridiculed. This book carries on that tacky tradition. It documents and exaggerates their quirks and eccentricities, but hopes what comes through are their warm hearts, sly humor, sharp intelligence, and wisdom that comes from living close to the land. These dear folks represent all that is best about Texas. The author is deeply indebted to the goats, llamas, cattle, and guard dogs in these pages. They have endured, with patience and dignity, the fumbling attempts at animal husbandry. 'There was frost on the cow patties'...With humor and keen observations of human and animal nature, June Reedy shakes the feed bucket and the reader eagerly follows her along cliffs lined with baby goats, bottle-feeding adventures, ranching trials, breath-taking sunsets and aching bones, as they meet llamas, Great Pyrenees guardians, helpful neighbors, and the irascible La Cabana breakfast gang along the way. Goat Diary captures the essence of Hill Country living. It is more than the story of goat herding and cattle ranching - it is the story of the human spirit. This is an adventure readers of all ages will treasure for years to come....enjoy!

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