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Doofus Dad Does Everest Base Camp: One of Plane...
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Imagine setting off on a 12-day trek through the Himalayan wilderness to the foot of Mount Everest, experiencing the world's most startling landscapes and vibrant Sherpa culture and struggling to catch your breath at nearly 18,000 feet above sea level - all without leaving your favorite listening chair.Doofus Dad Does Everest Base Camp brings that scenario to life.In April 2018, Tennessee writer Mark E. Johnson embarked on an epic, grueling, and often hilarious adventure - the 80-mile trek from Lukla, Nepal, to Mount Everest Base Camp - after launching an improbable trekking company a year earlier in the flatlands of the southeastern United States. This was Johnson's first excursion out of the continental US, and this journey into the exotic country of Nepal was indeed a trial by fire (and ice). Hike alongside "Doofus Dad" on each part of this bucket list quest, from the starting point of Nashville, Tennessee, through a mind-numbing 23 hours of air travel into the suicidal traffic of Kathmandu, and on every day of the trek with equal parts lush detail and sly humor. Experience Kathmandu’s Hindu and Buddhist temples, the infamous Yeti's Scalp of the Khumjung Monastery, a hysterical salsa dance lesson at 14,000 feet, and a crazy helicopter rescue. If you're considering this adventure for yourself, then this book is an invaluable resource and contains the Everest Base Camp itinerary, daily trek statistics, gear lists, and training suggestions. The foreword is provided by mountaineering legend and Everest blogger, Alan Arnette, called "one of the world's most respected chroniclers of Everest" by Outside Magazine. “This book is a must-have for the bookshelf of yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's traveler,” says Arnette.The audiobook is read by Johnson and even includes sound effects from the trek itself! Johnson is a longtime freelancer and blog writer, best known for his Dave Barry-esque stories a 1. Language: English. Narrator: Mark E. Johnson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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