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Uncle Janice
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'Like Richard Price and the late, great Elmore Leonard, Matt Burgess is one of those cool, quick and funny writers who can turn a seemingly routine crime caper into something special.'    – Carl Hiaasen, bestselling author of Bad Monkey and Strip Tease   “ Uncle Janice is a lowdown masterful contribution to Urban American lit, charismatically written with terrific sly humor and a joyous dead-on ear. An addictive read, one of those books you wish would never end.'    – Richard Price, bestselling author of Lush Life and Clockers   'Smart, funny, big-hearted, and utterly entertaining—this is an apt description of both Uncle Janice the novel, and Janice Itwaru the character.  Matt Burgess is a gifted and generous storyteller; Uncle Janice is a triumph.”    – Scott Smith, bestselling author of A Simple Plan and The Ruins   “ Uncle Janice is that mythical sixth season of The Wire for which we have all been pining.  Yeah, that good.  The daily trials and tribulations of one Janice Itwaru—undercover drug officer, fallen daughter, all around wrong way gal—in that mythic, urban kingdom known as Queens, make for that rarest of reading experiences: at once comic and enthralling, always surprising, and unexpectedly touching.  The eye, ear, voice and heart of this novel are bulletproof.  Whoever the hell Matt Burgess is, dude does not sleep for one sentence.  Neither will you.”      – Charles Bock, bestselling author of Beautiful Children “This is a terrific novel, because Janice is terrific, a brilliantly realized character.  She’s strong, vulnerable, funny, maddening—human, and just great.”    – Roddy Doyle, bestselling author of The Guts and winner of the Booker Prize for Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha “[P]ungently uproarious… Less a conventionally plotted procedural than an anecdotal stream of harrowing encounters, scatological slapstick and polychromatic repartee, this is a multitextured chronicle of coming-of-age, or perhaps more precisely, coming to terms with what it means to be a responsible grown-up struggling for truth, justice, love and value in a post-millennial urban universe where once-familiar boundary lines get blurrier every day. Is it possible that Burgess is doing for Queens what Junot Diaz is doing for New Jersey? No easy answer just yet, but this novel will make you wait for one to show up.”    –Kirkus Reviews (Starred) '[G]ripping, well-written book set on the mean streets of contemporary Queens.... Burgess...has a finely honed eye and a gift for rendering street-smart dialogue that is both credible and comic.'      - Publishers Weekly “[A] vivid portrayal of life on the streets, which swings from funny to gut-tighteningly suspenseful… a tour-de-force.”    - Booklist '[O]utstanding.... This fresh take on the cop novel genre retains the madcap energy of Elmore Leonard's best fiction while introducing the most irresistible police precinct this side of Joseph Wambaugh's  Hollywood Station.'         - Library Journal   [H]ilariously told. Author Matt Burgess knows cops, knows Queens and most of all knows how to riotously spin a story… The hurly-burly of the streets and the grit of the buys are both vibrantly portrayed, while the suspense embedded in those covert ops is integral to the story.”         - New York Daily News “Matt Burgess has claimed a slice of New York City as his own… Uncle Janice is an agile copy story with a disarming main character, a sophisticated understanding of police work and a bracingly specific sense of time and place… a confident and convincing novel.”         - Star Tribune

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Harry Clarke: With Bonus Performance: Lillian, ...
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Finding laugh-out-loud humor, mischief, and angst in every line, stage and film stalwart Billy Crudup has a wonderful time telling the story of a young Midwesterner who dons a fake English accent and moves to the big city in search of sexual misadventure. Bright and manic, fresh and graphic, playwright David Cale specializes in full-length staged monologues and has garnered quite a reputation in the theater world. As a bonus, Cale performs his own Tony Award-winning play, Lillian. Both monologues are directed by Tony Award nominee Leigh Silverman and create a perfect synthesis between the energy of live theater and the intimacy of audiobook listening. Beautifully written. Beautifully performed. A wonderful aural experience. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award. (AudioFile magazine)A sexually charged and wickedly funny thriller starring Tony Award-winning actor Billy Crudup, Harry Clarke is the story of a shy Midwestern man leading an outrageous double life as the titular cocky Londoner. Moving to New York City and presenting himself as an Englishman, he charms his way into a wealthy family's life as the seductive and precocious Harry, whose increasingly risky and dangerous behavior threatens to undo more than his persona. Included with your purchase:Harry Clarke, performed by Billy Crudup An introduction to and performance of Lillian, an Obie Award-winning play written and performed by David Cale An exclusive, behind-the-scenes conversation with Harry Clarke director, Leigh Silverman, and David Cale A post-show discussion with Billy Crudup, David Cale, Leigh Silverman, and Vineyard Theatre Artistic Director Sarah Stern. Harry Clarke was originally produced by the Vineyard Theatre, in association with Audible, in New York in 2017. In a rave review of the stage production, The New York Times hails Crudup's performance as "a sly role te 1. Language: English. Narrator: Billy Crudup, David Cale. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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